The fitness industry may be what’s holding you back from reaching your goals.

You probably read a lot of fitness shit.

Or at least enough to see…

Some people are all-in on keto. Other people say keto will kill your performance.

Some say intermittent fasting is the way to go. Others say you need to eat every two hours to stoke your metabolic fire.

Some say going vegan is optimal for health and if you eat meat then you’re killing the planet. Others say going vegan will create nutritional deficiencies and hurt your health.

Some training programs swear by the minimal effective dose. Others are all about #teamnodaysoff and tell you to “Go heavy or go home, bro.”

And we can’t forget the crowd that just does whatever Joe Rogan says.

The fitness industry survives on extremes.

They’re polarizing. They get clicks, likes, comments, and shares. But most importantly, they get sales.

People who sell these diets and training programs will convince you that their way is the only way that works – and they’re all lying to you. Cherry-picking evidence that supports their bias while ignoring the rest. All for profit.

…so how come so many trainers and coaches avoid talking about this? And why are so many people okay with spending their money on shit that continues to fail them?

I’m going to break down exactly why – and how to get real, jaw-dropping results for life.

If any of the following describe you…

  • You want to gain strength and/or transform your body, but don’t know how…

  • You work out and eat healthy all the time, but it’s starting to consume your life…

  • You struggle to find the time to prioritize your fitness…

  • You haven’t found a diet or training program that you enjoy…

  • You’re tired of the fitness industry telling you that you need to change your body to love yourself…

…you are exactly where you need to be.

But first…

My mom will probably read this and she’ll be upset if I don’t mind my manners.
So, allow me to briefly introduce myself.
Hey, I’m Connor Youngman.
I’m a personal trainer, writer, and obsessive Chicago Bears fan with a love for coffee so intense, some would call it “borderline sexually inappropriate.” But enough about my therapist.

I’m just a kid from Central Illinois who was lucky enough to stumble into the fitness industry at 16, accidentally start a coaching business at 18, and train my first professional athlete at 21.

Not impressed? It’s cool. My parents gave me plenty of validation; plus, the pitcher I trained gave me a free hat.

At my core, I’m a just former skinny-fat teenager who’s tried just nearly every diet and training program imaginable, and I’m about to expose all of the lies you’ve been told.

I’ve lived at either end of nearly every extreme, and those experiences taught me the one thing that is absolutely necessary if you want to achieve sustainable results: situational suitability.

Just give me a few minutes to contextualize and show you why.

Sound good?

Let’s start with a not-so-fun fact: 


While a good chunk of this is due to gyms and diet centers, there’s also a darker side to this industry.


There are companies that invest millions of dollars into marketing campaigns to make you feel like shit about yourself. To make you think that you need their product to achieve an impossible standard that fitness models and bodybuilders can’t even sustain year-found.

The industry thrives off of making you think you need to lose weight by providing you with a short-term solution that results in a rebound, convincing you that the problem is willpower.

Thus, the perpetual cycle of fat loss, re-gain, self-loathing, and profit. If you haven’t experienced it yourself, you’ve seen others go through it. Regardless, it’s time to cut through the bullshit.

When you look into the research, you’ll see that fundamentally, everything works if you do it well, do it hard, and if it’s tailored for you.

Yes. Everything. It all works.

Which means that both sides of every extreme diet or training program are correct. They’re all technically right. However, like most things in the world, very few people are going to get the satisfaction or results they want by living at either end of the extreme.

The Disheartening Truth: just because something works in a controlled study doesn’t mean it will work for you.

Utilizing what we know from research (or hiring someone who does) is vital in creating a diet or training program. But guess what?

Even the trainers who are zealots in their methodologies use science to back-up their beliefs. This is human nature. In fact, it comes so naturally to us that we’ve created a term for it: confirmation bias.

Once we realize one diet or style of training works, we actively look for research to confirm our beliefs, dismissing any research that says otherwise.

Think about it– you’re comparing everything I’ve been saying with your current beliefs. Or you may lean more towards initial exposure bias, sizing me up to a former trainer or professor or whoever first taught you about training and nutrition. Either way, we’re all biased.

Some are biased towards keto, low-fat, paleo, vegan, etc. Others are biased towards powerlifting, bodybuilding, CrossFit, etc.

I’m biased towards results.

A lot of trainers and coaches look through a straw; they only see one way to do. things. I look at everything through a kaleidoscope, seeing every possible facet of your situation.

Don’t just take my word for it…

“I feel like Connor taught me how to cheat the system. Obviously, I didn’t actually cheat anything because I committed so hard to everything Connor taught me, but he broke everything down in a way that seems so simple.

My clothes fit better, my energy is on another level, and I didn’t have to cut out any of my favorite foods. Connor took the pressure off of me thinking every meal had to be a salad. I finally feel confident enough to wear the clothes I want and take my shirt off whenever I want.”

– Kris Cecil

I’m not just here to help you reach your goals. I’m here to help you sift through the industry bullshit and make progress that you can sustain for good.

But first, we need to get to the root of the problem.

With the amount of fitness content online, your issue isn’t information.

Your issue is trying to find what works for you and then actually doing it consistently.

That’s where I come in.

I’ve been at this a while. I’ve trained enough people and tried enough programs to know that context is everything.

For example, very few people need to train balls out or go on an overly-restrictive diet. But if you’re training for a beach vacation that’s 4 weeks away, you’ll have to restrict your diet and intensify your training.

If your goal is simply to look good year-round, you won’t need to be nearly as rigid.
And even then, doing the bare minimum isn’t good for most people either.

Because, if you’re like most people, you like a competition. You want to be challenged. You enjoy putting in a little more effort. You want to be above average.

I can help you do that.

My job is not to tell you to lose fat or build muscle. My job is to help you find out exactly what you want and create a custom program to help you get there.

Since you’re here, it means you trust my knowledge on the science in this business.

Because that’s my job, after all. To not only know the details of each diet and training modality, how to implement them in specific situations.

Like anyone, you need information, confirmation, and implementation. At different times and in different proportions.

My specialty is knowing which, when, and how much. That’s the key.

In my coaching program, I take everything you tell me and help you figure out which of these methods is going to be most effective with the greatest amount of long-term value or short-term gain—depending on what you want.

Once you have an individualized approach to training and nutrition, we’ll work on improving your suck threshold. And unfortunately, this kind of sucking has nothing to do with blowjobs.

Unless you have a reason to stick to something, you’ll give up while you still suck at it, never allowing yourself to achieve technical mastery.

Your problem isn’t that you don’t want to be in shape; it’s that you hate feeling like you suck at working out or dieting. Especially when it’s hard.
Once you get past the threshold, you’ll surpass your wildest expectations.

Just ask Holly…

“I have been able to achieve goals that other trainers couldn’t help me reach. I like how I’m able to be flexible with what I eat, and I like how Connor creates my workouts and holds me accountable.

Mindset-wise, I have changed so much. I see progress and results and realize that hard work and dedication will really pay off. Connor is always positive and encouraging, I love working with him!”

– Holly Nourse

Having confidence in your body is a force multiplier for everything that requires you to use your body.
…you know, like, life.

Look, I’m not telling you that you need to lose six inches off of your waist or add an inch to your biceps.

I’m not going to make you feel like shit about your body to make money. That’s not my approach.

But I will provide you with the tools to change your body in whichever way you want to—if at all.

If your idea of your best body is ten more pounds of muscle and abs, I can get you there. If you just want to get strong as fuck and rock the shit out of your dad-bod, I can get you there too.
Whatever you want to look like, you can look like. I don’t shame bodies.

If you’re a woman, you absolutely do not have to lose 15 pounds to be beautiful. But if you want to lose 15 pounds because it makes you feel better, I can help you do that.

If you want to hold onto that 15 pounds because you enjoy your body as it is, and you’re trying to feel strong and confident and make some healthy changes in your life, that’s what I’m about.

If you want to love yourself when you’re big, cool.

If you want to then get smaller, cool. If you want to get strong, cool.

I’m about you. Your progress. Your happiness.

Take Darrien, for example…

“I’ve lost body fat, gained strength, and formed a routine that I never thought was possible with my unpredictable schedule..”

“I’ve worked with several trainers in the past and struggled to get into a routine and stay consistent with my workouts and nutrition. I never saw the results I felt like I was working so hard for. Connor goes above and beyond with my program; there’s never a day I don’t know what I should be doing. He helps me stay consistent, creates workouts I enjoy, and teaches me new workouts.

Before working with Connor, I thought my metabolism crashed and nothing I could do would get me back to where I felt my best. Now, I realize that with proper coaching, good eating habits, hard work, and consistency, I can be as strong and healthy as I want to be.”

– Darrien

Darrien also added 30 pounds to her deadlift in our first 8 weeks of training.

Fear. Freedom. Power.

These are the three most powerful motivators behind all the actions people take. Think about it.

Most of the things you want in this life have to do with one of the above.

Fear. You are afraid you will never feel confident in your own body. You are afraid you won’t be able to make healthy changes.

You are afraid of not becoming who you were created to be.

You are afraid of failure. You are afraid of success.

Freedom. You want to be free of worries. You want to be free of loving jackets and hating beaches. You want the freedom to eat the foods you love while building a body you love, too.

You want the freedom from the mental shackles the industry has put on you that limit your beliefs about who you are and what you can achieve. You want freedom from doubt.

Power. You want the power to control your life. You want the power to rely on no one but yourself. You want the power to use fitness to enhance your life, not consume it. You want the power to say yes to your goals, dreams, and aspirations.
You want the power to choose your own destiny.

You see?

Almost all human motivation comes from Fear, Freedom, or Power.

So empower yourself.

Free yourself.

And eliminate fear forever.

Through working with me one-on-one, you’ll accomplish your goals, transforming your body and your life in a way you never thought possible.

Here’s how it works:

1. The first step is easy: an initial assessment.

After I look through your application, we’ll go through an email consultation to talk about your history in regards to your health and fitness. We’ll discuss your goals and create a blueprint as to how we’ll get there together. 

If you have a dog, we’ll probably exchange pictures and talk about them for a while.

After this, you’ll receive an invite to your client folder, along with video tutorials on how to navigate your folder and access your client resources.

 2. Education

To avoid any confusion, you’ll receive a “Getting Started Guide”–this takes you through your Client Handbook, Grocery List, Daily Checklist, etc.–within 24 hours.

Your coaching experience is meant to be educational, which is why I provide all the resources I do. I eliminate the guesswork so you can crush it from day one.

3. Customized Workout Program

All the information from your assessment and movement screen will give me everything I need to create a custom program so you can reach your goals safely, effectively, and sustainably.

Your workouts will be specifically designed to match your goals, priorities, and lifestyle through scientifically sound training concepts. No two bodies are the same, so why would you train the same as someone else?

When working with me, you won’t be doing boring or uselessly hard exercises you don’t like, but exercises that you enjoy and are safe so you can get the most out of your efforts. Your program will be adjusted every few weeks because as your body adapts, your workouts should too. That way, we’ll optimize results.

Here’s an example of one of my client’s programs.


4. Tailored Nutrition Plan

Each one of my clients gets clear and concise nutrition guidelines: for some, it may be habits to practice; for others, it may be a macronutrient target.

This is all done with consideration to your dietary preferences, likes, and dislikes. Your habitual goals and/or macronutrients splits will change as your body changes to make sure you don’t get stuck in avoidable plateaus.

There’s no need to continue to debate and confuse yourself over which calorie calculator is the most accurate. You’ll have a nutrition strategy that will get you the results you’re looking for with as little friction as possible.

A sneak peek of the nutrition tracker I use with my clients.


5. Video Tutorials for Every Exercise

Not sure how to do an exercise? Don’t worry–every exercise has a video demonstration that includes breaking down the details of the movement.

All you have to do is click on the name of the exercise to watch a video demonstration. That way you can stay safe, enhance progress, and feel confident in what you’re doing at the gym.

6. Supplement Recommendations

Supplements aren’t magic; most of them aren’t even worth fifty cents. But some supplements do serve a legitimate purpose.

I’ll tell you which supplements are worth your money and how they can help you reach your goals or enhance your quality of life. You won’t just know which supplements to take, you’ll know why you’re taking them.

7. 100% Access to Me

On top of our weekly check-ins, you’ll have full access to my inbox.

Unsure of your form on an exercise? Send me a video.

Need some motivation? I’m there.

Whatever you need, I’m here with you every step of the way – you’ll never feel alone through this journey. I’m always in your pocket, only an email away, at most.

8. I focus on relationships.

My clients are not just statistics or business transactions to me, they’re family. I love my clients and I’m more invested in their progress than I am my own.

If they succeed, I succeed.

If they don’t, neither do I.

9. Other Cool Shit

The education you need to sustain your dream body year-round on your own.

A lifelong friendship with a devastatingly handsome and objectively funny dude (okay, maybe subjectively – whatevz).

Most importantly, real, jaw-dropping results.

I mean, you could do it on your own…

Then again, you could also quit technology and only communicate through snail mail.

But why make your life more difficult than it needs to be?

Having a coach is the difference between the postal service and a cell-phone.
You might not need a cell-phone to send a message across the country, but it sure as hell makes it easier.
Standard USPS mail from Los Angeles to New York can take up to 8 days and there’s still the possibility your message gets lost in transit.
Or you can guarantee your message gets to its destination while saving time and frustration, by simply investing in a cell-phone.
If you’re a bit slow, the cell-phone is me and the message is your success.
If you’d like to save yourself time and frustration—if you didn’t, you wouldn’t have read this far—then fill out the application below.

And if you’re still not convinced that this can change your life, let Randy tell you.

My goal has been to lose weight while retaining/developing muscle mass and I have done that in spades. My overall health, workout routine, and appearance have developed more than I could have imagined. I have more morning energy to conquer the day than ever before.

Connor has allowed me to reach my potential within the workout program and also on my own. He is empowering, cool, and dedicated—as evidenced by his loyalty to the Chicago Bears despite what has happened the last few years.

– Rand Bell