Hey, I’m Connor, but most people just call me Con.

With the internet as your playground, you’re only one click away from watching dogs chase their tails on YouTube, swiping right on Tinder, or scrolling through Facebook to see your friends argue about politics.

And somehow, you wound up here, on a page dedicated to me talking about myself. 

While this page won’t provide you with much value, I have been told that I’m a captivating character—and a great kisser—so it may be worth your while to stay and hang out.

So, Who Are You?

I’m basically a walking, breathing contradiction.

I’m a trainer who enjoys bourbon and bacon cheeseburgers on the regz. A writer who sometimes goes a week without writing. An avid student of Stoic philosophy who also wastes time in unproductive activities. A lifelong Chicago Bears fan (and season ticket holder) who regularly swears to never watch another game only to end up at Soldier Field on the following Sunday. A Christ-follower who has the mouth of a sailor and frequently makes questionable decisions.

And I do a damn good job justifying each and every one.

But rather than doing it myself, I’ll leave it to someone who’s much smarter than me. Aristotle said, “Moral behavior is the mean between two extremes – at one end is excess, at the other deficiency. Find a moderate position between those two extremes, and you will be acting morally.”

To paraphrase, I’m better than you. Kidding, of course.

I’m not a fan of the certification porn in the fitness industry, but I read a marketing book one time, and it said to position yourself as an expert… so here’s a list of my certifications, if you’re into that sorta thing.

– PTA Global CPT

– Online Trainer Academy

– Pre/Postnatal

– Kettlebell L1

– Pain-Free Performance Specialist

Since everyone likes an underdog story…


When I was 15, I tore my articular cartilage in my knee. According to my surgeon, my knee was “seriously fucked up.”

Or something like that.

I was advised to never play football again as re-injuring my knee could severely impact my ability to walk. I’d need to do physical therapy for 6-8 months before I got cleared to return to basketball and baseball.

Two months into physical therapy, I began working out with a trainer. I didn’t know it at the time, but he would become a mentor to me, sparking the flame to the fire that became my passion for health and fitness. He taught me how to read research and introduced me to the best books and the brightest minds in the industry.

In my sophomore year–after a year with my trainer–I began training a couple of friends and a teammate on my baseball team. At 16 years old, I unknowingly built the foundation of an online fitness coaching business.

Although I was an average athlete, at best, I worked my way back on the football field for my senior year. I became one of the best quarterbacks in the country. In fact, I was so good that my coach moved me to wide receiver.

Jokes aside, I was thrilled to be back on the field. I went on to letter in three sports, became an All-Conference Shortshop, and a very mediocre junior-college baseball player.

Baseball and I parted ways after my sophmore year of college. As I fell deeper in love with fitness, my love for baseball slowly faded.

From my junior year in high school to my junior year in college, I attended five different schools. Each year came with another handful of friends to write training programs for. This turned into training their friends, their friends’ friends, and so on. I didn’t charge any of them because I didn’t think I could. I never thought of it.

Quite the business major, huh?

Before anything else, I trained people because I genuinely loved it. I never saw it as a job, just a passion. Helping other people get bigger, leaner, stronger, and more confident was addicting.

My junior year of college came along with the realization that training people in-person wasn’t going to pay my bills after graduation- it was a side job at best. A passion project. Conventional wisdom told me I’d have to get a real job in less than two years. And that didn’t sound appealing to me. So I hired a business coach and created a full-fledged online fitness coaching service as a way to avoid getting a real job after graduation.

And–still, to my amazement–it worked. Now I train clients all over the world and write articles for the interwebz.

This isn’t just another fitness website.

A mentor of mine said, “If you’re writing for everyone, you’re writing for no one.”

I write about training and nutrition advice that doesn’t suck. Most of my articles teach fitness principles based in science, practical application, and a handful of crude jokes. Some say I’m an arrogant asshole. Others say I’ve changed their life. I’ll let you read and decide for yourself.

That said, I write for an HBO audience. If you like shows like East Bound and Down or Ballers, then you won’t be offended or put-off by the frequency of profanity and/or “adult humor.”

Because that’s who my content is for: adults. If you’ve gotten this far down the page, that should be clear. I don’t say all of this to be edgy or controversial, it’s just who I am. And I’m willing to deal with the ramifications of being my full self.

If you don’t like to laugh or be entertained while you learn – or just want the bare facts – I’d be more than happy to help you find a fitness website that better suits you.

Don’t get me wrong, my content is fitness-focused. But because I view fitness as a lifelong pursuit of growth, my sub-topics are fairly broad. So, you can expect to see some content about self-development, mental health, business, the Chicago bears, relationships, or whatever else I feel like writing about. Nothing is off-limits here.


In the long and short of it, I’m just a kid from Central Illinois who’s trying to make something of himself by helping people through words and weights. I see my mission as a mountain: majestic, yet indescribable.

I’d rather get lost in a breathtaking journey than become unhappy in an obsessive pursuit to reach the peak. Every day is a balance between reaching the peak and appreciating how far I’ve come. It’s been a truly remarkable hike, and I hope you’ll join me for the rest.

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