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Here at Five Year Plan, we focus on

Situational Suitability

A lot of fitness professionals take the hardline approach of trying to convince everyone that their style of training or eating is the only way. If they were your Facebook friends, they’d be balls deep in comment sections arguing about religion and politics.

The fitness industry thrives on extremes, black-and-white thinking, and us-vs-them mentalities, and we’re here to burn it to the fucking ground (figuratively, at least). Most people look at fitness through a straw, but it needs to be viewed through a kaleidoscope, seeing every possible protocol in any specific situation.

Both sides of every extreme have merit; they’re all technically correct. We’ve tried everything—sometimes out of experimentation, others out of stupidity—and it all worked. Some methods were almost unbearable, while others came as second nature.

This is why situational suitability is the key to success.

Finding out what works is easy. Finding what works for you—that’s the hard part.

Our mission at FYP is to help you find out.

Some people say we’re annoying gym bros. Other people say we’ve changed their lives. Listen to our latest podcast and decide for yourself.

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